About us

Quiz Scene is a fun and interactive way to gamify your learning experience. Take almost any subject or topic you want to learn and enter in your questions in one of five different formats. Then select from a series of high quality and fun games that will incorporate your questions as you play the different levels. Quiz Scene uses an advanced algorithm to ensure you master your topics with the highest efficiency. Best of all you will have a blast doing it!

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You can create and publish question banks. You can practice the content of your choice and monitor your progress using reports.

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As an Educator, you can create and publish question banks, add students and assign question banks as an assignment. You can access reports of the students and monitor their progress. You can create courses and make use of Qneuro’s proprietary Brain Adapt technology.

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As a Parent, you can access reports about how well your child is progressing, and you can also create and publish question banks.